Finally!! Sheet straps that work!

You're tired of constantly fighting your bed sheets in a losing battle to keep them on your mattress, right?

Believe me, I feel your pain. I have spent plenty of sleepless nights myself fighting sheets that simply won't stay put.

That's the reason I developed this product in the first place. Nothing else on the market did the job.

It's an aggravating problem that you no longer have to cope with! The solution is just a few clicks away.

Why waste another penny of your hard earned money on products that don't work?

Thanks to Grab-n-SNAP Sheet Straps by TCJ Enterprises, you can finally throw away those wimpy little corner garter straps and the "sheet suspenders" that always seem to shoot irretrievably up under your mattress whenever you change your bed sheets.

Across the globe, our many satisfied customers have already learned: Grab-n-SNAP Sheet Straps are truly the ultimate solution for keeping your bed sheets nice and snug. They work!

That's why so many of our customers come back for more. I honestly cannot tell you how many times a customer has purchased one of our sheet straps to "try it out" only to come back and purchase enough sheet straps for every bed in their house.

The bottom line is this: whether you call them sheet straps, suspenders, hooks, holders, garters, grabbers, grippers, or thing-a-ma jigs, you want a product that will actually keep your sheets nice and snug on your mattress. You can end your search for sheet straps here and now!

Start getting the good night's sleep you deserve! Order your sheet straps today!

With our liberal return policy, there's virtually no risk! Why not outfit all your beds with this unique product?

Learn how you can save on shipping by ordering more than one.

Our unique, patent pending designs are helping people from all walks of life get a better night’s sleep by keeping their sheets exactly where they belong - on the mattress.

Not only have we solved the problem of keeping loose, worn-out, over-sized, or ill-fitting sheets on your mattress, we have also solved a problem other brands of sheet straps have with their product. When you change your sheets, the elastic straps tend to shoot under the mattress and retrieving them can pose a problem. That's just the nature of elastic.

To counter this problem, both versions of Grab-n-SNAP Sheet Straps by TCJ Enterprises come equipped with handy retrieval cords. These cords (not depicted in images) are similar to cord used on mini-blinds and attach to the sheet straps at each corner. On our Deluxe Version they are also attached on each side. In the event the elastic sheet straps shoot under your mattress, the retrieval cord allows you to quickly and easily pull the sheet straps back within your reach.

After you have changed your sheets, the retrieval cords tuck inconspicuously under the mattress. Just pull them out the next time you change your sheets and they are ready for use.

Join our many satisfied customers and order your sheet straps today. You will be so glad you did!

Learn more about our sheet straps by clicking the images below.

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